Thursday, April 7, 2011

Helping to Make Greensburg a Little More "Green"- The Supper Club

101 Ehalt Street, Greensburg - at the Greensburg Train Station

The Supper Club is one of those places that you walk into, and you instantly wish the place could speak to you and tell you the stories of what it has seen.  The Greensburg Train Station will be 100 years old this August. And the station still welcomes passengers once daily even to this day. You can hear and feel the rumbling of the trains passing by, and even an occasional train whistle if you listen very close. The station now houses one of Greensburg's first ever farm to table restaurants.  Owner Deb Driggers told me that when her family became interested in opening a new restaurant in the train station building, their goal was to create a restaurant that they as a family would want to share meals at.  They also shared a passion for supporting local farms and businesses, investing money back into the local economy, and their menu of local offerings reflects this. The building itself evokes a connection with the past; the menu offerings evoke a connection with the community.
So, let's get to it...

From top left, clockwise:
  • Since The Supper Club buys from local vendors, the menu changes seasonally as new meats and produce are offered in the area.
  • Mondays are for Meatballs & Martinis! Stop in on Monday evenings for 50 cent (yes, just 2 quarters!) meatballs and $6 martinis.  We started our evening with the Swedish meatballs in sauce and the turkey meatballs served with a cilantro aioli (both pictured above). 
  • The Friendship Farms Grass Fed Beef Burger is by far one of the best burgers that I have had in the Suburghia area.  Because the cattle are raised on grass, the meat itself has a clean taste.  It is seen here topped with blue cheese & black pepper bacon.
  • And I couldn't leave without partaking in one of their $6 martini offerings of the evening.  I chose the Liquid Dessert- an almost sinful mixture of Irish cream, amaretto, Frangelico, Kahlua, vanilla vodka, and cream. 
What you need to know before you go:
  • Entrees run from around $8 up to $34.  You can enjoy this restaurant even if you are on a tighter budget.  Plus, various wallet-friendly specials are offered Monday through Thursday:
  • If you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday evening or if you are bringing a larger dinner party, you can easily make reservations.  The Supper Club is one of the only restaurants in the Greensburg area that utilizes the online reservation system, Open Table:
For hours, directions, events, and seasonal menus, visit below:


  1. YUM! I haven't checked it out, yet, since it's been Red Star! Ah. But this sounds awesome.

    Thanks for the info! 50 cent meatballs are totally up my alley!


  2. I've seen several positive reviews of this place now. Looks like I'll have to visit next time I'm around GB. Great review.

  3. Disclaimer: I work at The Supper Club.

    That said, long before I was an employee I was a loyal fan.

    There is nothing quite like it in the area. I only eat locally raised (grass fed in the case of beef) meat so being able to go out and eat a burger still is great!

    I took some photos on one of my recent trips to Friendship Farms:

    There is a great photo (content, not photographer's skill) that illustrates the lives these cows have. I'm off industrial meat for good.

    I'm really enjoying your blog so far!

  4. I happened upon your blog while doing research about Pittsburgh restaurants (I'm moving there soon, and excited to try out the foodie offerings). Reading about the Supper Club was so exciting to me -- I adore farm-to-table restaurants!

  5. So glad that I can help you out through my blog! :) Please make sure you check out the other local foodie blogs that I have featured on my page. My focus is Greensburg and Pittsburgh and all points inbetween. A few of them focus exclusively on 'Burgh restuarants. ;) Welcome to the 'Burgh!