Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Quick Bite in Suburghia- Original Baldy's Pizza

Last night was a let's order pizza and hunker down kind of a night.  It just so happened that we had the pleasure of meeting Angela Rullo, one of the owners of Original Baldy's Pizza and Rialto Cafe, yesterday afternoon before the first major downpour hit. 

So here is the lowdown... 
I ordered one of their signature pizzas, the Aunt Sue's Pizza.  (And yes, we did meet the actual Aunt Sue yesterday afternoon.)

The Aunt Sue is a sauceless pizza, but you don't really miss the sauce.  It comes topped with fresh tomato slices, roasted red peppers, sauteed green peppers, thick cut pepperoni, extra cheese, basil and LOTS of garlic. (Garlic fans- like me- will love this pizza!)  The crust was perfect- soft in the middle, crispy on the outside, with a little bubbly, baked cheese along the crust; not super doughy, but not really thin.  My only tiny gripe was the basil.  I was expecting leaves of fresh basil under the cheese, but the basil was actually dried flakes sprinkled over the top.  But overall, a pizza I would order again (and again, and again...). 

To order your own Aunt Sue, call 724-834-3600.  Baldy's is located at 25 West Otterman Street in downtown Greensburg.


  1. Sounds amazing...guess I thought it would have been fresh basil too..great review Carrie..if we're ever in Greensburg..I know where we go for're making me Hungry!!!

  2. I have to agree. This sounds delish! Great review.

  3. Baldy's is a place I see over and over again, but have never ordered food from. I think you've convinced me to try it!